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Legal Defense for Criminal Defendants in Virginia

One of the most important rights Americans possess is the right to a trial by jury when they have been charged with any crime. Most Americans live their lives without ever being charged with a serious crime. But those who do face criminal charges that could result in long-term incarceration, seizure of assets or other harsh legal consequences come to fully understand the power of the jury system. In most felony cases, the defendant’s choice of legal representation is instrumental in determining whether the supreme power of a jury works for or against the defendant.
A good defense attorney provides the following for the defendant in a felony case:

  • A painstaking and informed review of the evidence – including police reports, witness statements, forensic evidence and other key items - that prepares the attorney for every contingency the defendant may face during a criminal trial.
  • An intuitive instinct for how juries respond to exhibits of evidence, testimony, cross-examination and opening and closing arguments.
  • An uncommon grasp of the rules, procedures and customs that govern state and federal court trials.
  • The ability to quickly identify when evidence, testimony and lines of questioning are inadmissible and when objections are warranted.
  • Successful experience in plea-bargaining and other processes of criminal law that can occur in lieu of a trial.

In Virginia, criminal defense lawyer Bob Battle brings all of these important skills to clients who have been charged with felony crimes. As an attorney who works nearly every day in state and federal courts across Virginia, Bob has earned trust, respect and credibility among judges and prosecutors in most of the Commonwealth’s legal venues. Having a solid reputation that precedes him often proves to be a decisive advantage for Bob’s clients, especially in cases involving serious felony charges.

Bob Battle handles all felony and misdemeanor charges in state and federal court. Very often, because of their individual backgrounds, defense attorneys are not experienced in both state and federal court. Bob Battle began his career as a federal law clerk clerking for United States District Judge James C. Cacheris in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. A criminal case in federal court has different rules of evidence and criminal procedure than state court trials. Many experienced state court practitioners have great difficulty in federal court because they are not familiar with these laws of evidence and procedure. Sometimes a state substantive law is prosecuted in federal court. However, even in these cases, the federal procedural rules are used.

Because of his experience in state and federal court and because he is aware of these differences, Bob was asked to lecture at a seminar entitled “Defending Criminal and Traffic Cases in Federal Court." Federal court also uses the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. There is a huge body of case law and rules and regulations surrounding these guidelines. It would be very difficult for an attorney who was not previously familiar with these Federal Guidelines to develop the familiarity and expertise with these guidelines that are necessary to defend a client in federal court.

A former state prosecutor, Bob Battle prosecuted in Fairfax County, one of the busiest prosecutor’s offices in the country. During his four years in that office, Bob had over 50 jury trials and 1000 non-jury trials. This is more trial experience than most attorneys get in their entire careers. Bob has handled numerous high-profile cases and his integrity, loyalty and drive for his clients are matched by his versatile skills as a trial lawyer. Bob has helped clients facing the toughest felony charges, including:

  • DUI Repeat Offenders: In Virginia, if you are charged with a third or subsequent DUI in a ten year period, you face a felony charge that mandates a lengthy jail time; with a maximum of 5 years in prison. When individuals are facing such circumstances, they need the help of an experienced DUI attorney.While many drivers believe that being charged with a drunk driving offense means that they are guilty by default, Bob Battle has repeatedly proven to DUI clients that this is not the case. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, take a moment to complete Bob’s DUI Intake Form and get the opinion of a top-rated DUI defense attorney about your case.
  • Molestation Charges: There is no charge more stigmatizing to an individual in modern society than a felony charge of child molestation. In addition to stiff prison sentences, the “lucky ones” of the convicted child molesters must live the remainder of their lives with severe restrictions to their civil liberties that affect where they can live, jobs they are eligible for, and their privacy. They are required by law to be listed on the sex offenders registry. For the "unlucky ones," a conviction could wind up being the equivalent of a life sentence. Virginia now has civil commitment procedures for certain sex offenders which require that these offenders be locked up indefinitely even after they have finished their entire sentence! The Virginia General Assembly recently approved in their budget the funds to build a large facility to house these civilly committed sex offenders.Due to the stigma of the crime, many criminal attorneys in private practice will refuse to represent those charged with child molestation. Bob Battle is not one of those attorneys. Bob believes in the consistency of fair and responsive legal representation for anyone charged with a crime, including those individuals facing child molestation charges. Bob has represented many clients charged with this crime, including a Catholic priest accused of molesting two young boys. That extremely difficult case received a tremendous amount of national and local publicity.
  • Drug Possession or Distribution Charges: Felony charges for drug possession or distribution are the most common felonies in criminal law. If you’ve been charged with possession or distribution of narcotics – including heroin, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, or any other illicit drug – Bob Battle can help you in your effort to clear your name of the charges. Bob has successfully represented many clients facing drug charges, including the “P Street Gang” crack cocaine distribution conspiracy case.The federal court system is notorious for its incredibly harsh sentences for drug cases. Most cases are prosecuted as conspiracies and, with the way sentences are computed on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, lower-level dealers can have their sentences increased drastically based on the amount of drugs being dealt by their alleged partners. The federal system is extremely different than the state court system in these criminal matters. These cases require a lawyer who is experienced with and familiar with these different trial rules and sentencing guidelines. Bob Battle is a former law clerk for Judge James C. Cacheris in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and this experience gives him a tremendous advantage over those practitioners who do not practice on a regular basis in federal court.
  • Manslaughter and Murder Charges: Bob Battle has successfully defended Virginians facing charges of manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter. Bob was able to negotiate a plea to a reduced charge while representing a popular Smooth Jazz radio personality in Alexandria, Virginia, on a charge of involuntary manslaughter. This case also received a great deal of national and local media coverage. His experience as a prosecutor of these crimes gives Bob unique insight into the stages and processes of trials involving homicide. For more information about how Bob can help you, contact Bob today.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer: The Bob Battle Difference

In Virginia, court-appointed attorneys for defendants are typically young and inexperienced in the law. Sadly, Virginia ranks dead last among states in what they pay to court-appointed lawyers. The public defender's are asked to juggle hundreds of active cases at once! This is not only unfair to these lawyers and their clients, it is unconstitutional. While most public defenders try as hard as they can for criminal defendants, trying hard sometimes just is not enough when someone’s liberty is on the line.
As an attorney who has spent the majority of his days in a court room trying cases since being admitted to the Virginia Bar in 1984, Virginia criminal defense lawyer Bob Battle has the experience and insight to give his clients the best legal representation possible. If you are facing serious criminal charges, contact Bob today for more information.

Testimonial by Bob Battle Client

Hired Bob Battle to fight a charge in Henrico County for a DUI which can not only carry harsh penalties, but can be very expensive as well. I travel for my job and there was no way I could loose my license for any period of time regarding work. I met with Mr. Battle and he went over his presentation of my case and I was immediately convinced that this is the attorney I want in my corner! Mr. Battle should be "your" choice if you are ever charged with a DUI/DWI. My charge was dismissed with the expertise and knowledge that Bob Battle brought to the courtroom. Worth every $$$$$$$
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Date published: 03/25/2014
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