NORFOLK, VIRGINIA- On Friday, September 26, Norfolk Circuit Court Judge Joseph Leafe ruled that Roy Lee Everett, whose wreck while driving under the influence five years ago took the life of a teenager, must serve additional time in prison.

In 2003, Everett pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter, DUI, and related charges after the death of 16-year-old Landon Chambers. In the wreck, Everett ran a red light and crashed his pickup into the car driven by Chambers’ brother. Chambers was a passenger in the vehicle. His brother was also injured in the crash, but survived.

Everett crawled from his truck and fled the scene, but was cornered by pedestrians and detained until the arrival of the police.

The case gained notoriety once the extensive record of DUI convictions of Everett was revealed. He faced charges in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Everett was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the charges of manslaughter and DUI and an additional 16 years were imposed by Norfolk Circuit Judge Joseph Leafe, who then suspended the time. Everett was then sentenced to 10 years by a Virginia Beach judge on a DUI conviction.

Later, Everett piled up even more charges in Virginia Beach when his mother was caught by deputies sneaking drugs to him in jail, sending him back to the Norfolk Circuit Court. This was deemed to be a violation of his probation.

Leafe decided that Everett deserved more time in prison for the probation violation and imposed 18 months of the suspended 16-year sentence.
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