In a surprise about-face, former Rep. Vito Fossella pled guilty to charges of driving under the influence in Alexandria on April 13. He says the change was brought about after he learned of the recent death of 22-year-old rookie Anaheim Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart in an alleged DUI crash.

Fossella, 43, will serve five days in prison, forfeit his Virginia driver’s license for a period of one year, pay a $250 fine, and take a safety course. He is also expected to remain out of trouble for a year.

Fossella’s drunken driving arrest in May 2008 led to the revelation that he had a secret mistress, retired Air Force Col. Laura Fay, and child, without the knowledge of his wife, Mary Pat, and three kids living in Staten Island, New York. The scandal ended his career and his plans to seek reelection.

The former GOP lawmaker had been expected to face a local jury in an appeal of his conviction for misdemeanor DUI last year after his blood-alcohol content was said to have been more than 0.15 percent.

Instead, he entered the court at 9 a.m. and pleaded guilty. His attorney said that he had apparently been moved by Adenhart’s death.

Adenhart was killed in a crash by an alleged drunk driver, one day after earning a win in his first career start as a major leaguer.
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