J.C. France, whose grandfather is NASCAR founder Bill France, was arrested on October 8 in Daytona Beach on charges of driving under the influence and possession of narcotics, according to a police report.


France was released from Volusia County jail later that day after posting $4,500 bond.


On the day of his arrest, the 2007 green Lamborghini France, 43, was driving was stopped shortly after midnight. Authorities believe that he had been racing with 40-year-old Russell Van Richmond, his half-brother. France ran a red light and swerved on the roadway before stopping in a parking lot.


Reportedly, Richmond, who was driving a 2003 Porsche, threatened the arresting officer, saying “This is a mistake for you. I’m a France, we own this city.”


When authorities continued the investigation, Richmond called for their commanding officers, telling them, “You’re done. Your job is over. This is the biggest mistake ever.”


During a search conducted during the stop, authorities discovered containers with “a white cake-like substance,” which gave presumptive positive reactions for cocaine when tested.


Richmond is facing two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, DUI, and two counts of threatening a police officer. He was released after posting $10,500 bond.


France is the son of NASCAR board member Jim France and drives in NASCAR’s Grand-Am Series. Richmond is the son of Jim France’s ex-wife. According to a police report, the two share a Daytona Beach home.


According to NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston, France has been suspended indefinitely from all competition and the suspension is not appealable.

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