A Lexington, Kentucky prosecutor soon will know how it feels to be a defendant in a drunk-driving case.


Mike Ward, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Marshall and Calloway counties, faces DUI charges after being stopped by Lexington police in February. Ward had recently returned to his job after having taken a leave of absence for medical reasons.


After the arrest, Ward told the media, "I have struggled with issues regarding alcohol for years, and I made a poor decision the night I was arrested. I have brought embarrassment on my family and friends and humiliation to myself."


Ward plans to continue to serve as Commonwealth Attorney for Marshall and Calloway counties. He served as Commonwealth Attorney for Calloway and Marshall counties for 19 years but was defeated in a re-election in 2000. Six years later, Ward regained his post in a Democratic primary election.

Ward asked for forgiveness and said, "I am ready to pay the price for my actions. I expect no special treatment and am prepared to receive the same punishment anyone else would in this situation."

Ward's arraignment is set for March 14 in Marshall County District Court.


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