According to a report from The Virginia Pilot, Marcus Vick, the troubled former Virginia Tech quarterback, was sentenced to 20 days in jail on August 27 after he violated his probation stemming from an offense for driving under the influence.


Vick, who is the younger brother of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, also a troubled former Hokie, was found guilty of DUI, eluding police, and a traffic infraction in October of last year. He was sentence to 12 months in prison, which was suspended under the conditions that he pay a fine, complete an alcohol awareness program, and keep away from drugs and alcohol.


Vick, who was kicked off of Virginia Tech’s football team before his senior season due to legal trouble, tested positive for marijuana at a screening, failed to appear at multiple appointments with alcohol counselors, failed to appear for multiple urine screenings, and failed to pay his fines until August 27.


Police took Vick into custody after the hearing. His attorney says he plans to file an appeal.

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Steven Miller 09/01/2009 03:33 PM
When are people going to wake up? Virginia Tech is full of drunks, on and off the field... Blacksburg is one big drunk tank, and the vast majority of Tech's football players are not "clean cut nice guys.." They are for the most part, the opposite, a bunch of thugs... yet we continue to worship them....and get blitzed at their sporting events... go hokie indeed (vomit)
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