Only two months after he got his driver’s license back, singer George Michael was arrested early on the morning of August 15 on suspicion of driving under the influence.


The singer was held for nearly five hours at a police station in Berkshire, a London suburb, after he rear-ended a truck with his Range Rover.


Laurie Rowe, the driver of the truck hit by Michael’s vehicle, said that the collision was so forceful that “I knocked my rear axle two feet up in the air.”


Rowe noted that Michael seemed “totally dazed” at attempted to climb into the cab of her truck, saying he was concerned he’d go to jail.


Michael was arrested in 2006 after being discovered behind the wheel of a parked Mercedes while intoxicated. He later admitted he’d been abusing prescription drugs and was not fit to drive. His license was revoked and he pleaded down to 100 hours of community service.


Michael’s official spokesman called the arrest “rubbish,” but would not further comment on the situation.

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