The results of a study of on-campus DUI arrests conducted by the Stanford Department of Public Safety were released. The results show that students do not make up the most dangerous group of drivers.


According to the study, out of 31 Stanford campus DUI arrests in 2008, only seven of the drivers were actually students at the university. However, in 2009, 20 of the 49 DUI incidents involved student. The increase could be due, at least in part, to increased enforcement efforts.


Some have also speculated that dangerous behaviors increase in a down economy. However, despite the recent increase, the study has found that students have not made up a significant portion of campus DUI arrests since the study’s commencement in the late 90s. The findings are consistent with those of other studies across the country that point to lower occurrences of DUI among young people in the past few decades.


College aged students have been long believed to be the drivers most at-risk for DUIs, but more students die from alcohol poisoning each year than due to DUI traffic accidents.

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