According to a British study released on September 18, young drivers sending text messages while driving pose a greater risk than motorists who are driving under the influence.


TRL, a research group for the Royal Automobile Club Foundation, carried out the study. The study involved the use of an automobile simulator to compare the effect texting has on reaction time and other measures of driving ability in comparison to the effect of cell-phone usage, drinking, and drug use.


According to officials, an engineer involved in a deadly crash between a Los Angeles commuter train and a freight train is believed to have been sending text messages while operating the train. He was one of 25 fatalities caused by the crash.


According to RAC Foundation head Stephen Glaister, the study’s participants were nearly unanimous in their view that driving under the influence was the most dangerous action on the road. However, he says, the research clearly reveals that text messaging while driving impairs a motorist significantly more than being at the legal limit for alcohol.

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Richard 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, and a person’s brain and body make huge mistakes. This article is very informative. It gives knowledge about DUI laws, news and real stories. According to me everyone should follow the driving laws and driving rules and regulations. It will be good for us. ============================== Richard DUI
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wayne obryan 02/19/2009 12:11 PM
I agree that cellular devices, including text messaging, cause innumerable accidents. The cell industry must have a very strong lobby to keep the General Assemble from regulating this.
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