#4 - Martindale-Hubbell Legal Ability Ratings

These legal ability ratings reflect the standard of professional ability in an attorney's practice area, as well as their expertise and other professional qualifications.

According to the ratings:

C = Good to high
B = High to very high
A = Very high to pre-eminent

According to Martindale-Hubbell, an AV peer review rating "shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence." When speaking to a Virginia DUI defense lawyer you can inquire whether they have received an AV rating.

#5 - Are you a former prosecutor and, if so, where were you a prosecutor?

Oftentimes, a firm will advertise that they have former prosecutors or "former prosecutor help available." You want to make sure that the former prosecutor is the one who will represent you in court. Also, you will want to know exactly where they were a prosecutor, because in some smaller districts, an attorney may not handle many cases at all.

#6 - How many Virginia DUI cases have you taken to jury trial?

In order to beat your Virginia DUI you may need to go to trial. Therefore you'll want a Virginia DUI defense lawyer with experience arguing similar cases in court. All Virginia DUI cases are unique, so be specific and ask questions directly related to your circumstances and Virginia DUI charges.

#7 - Have you ever been disciplined by the Virginia bar?

You should know if your Virginia DUI defense lawyer has been disciplined in the past for any type of infraction. You do not want an attorney who has a history of making poor or immoral decisions.

#8 - What are the potential legal costs, including investigators and experts?

Before you agree to representation, you should know how much an attorney will charge for your Virginia DUI defense. You don't want to be surprised by any hidden costs or fees. But the cheapest route is not necessarily the one that you should choose. With Virginia DUI defense lawyers, as with most things, chances are that you are going to get exactly what you pay for.

#9 - What challenges do you see in my Virginia DUI case?

An attorney should tell you what challenges they see in your Virginia DUI defense, and how those challenges might affect the outcome of your case. 

#10 - What will be the final outcome of my Virginia DUI case?

A good Virginia DUI defense lawyer will not promise you a specific outcome
, as it is impossible to say how a case will turn out. They can only promise you their best effort at beating your DUI charge. These cases are never guaranteed, but with an expert attorney, you can do your best to build your DUI defense.

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