Your Body Type Will Affect your Rate of Consumption

As stated earlier, your BAC level will be diluted by the water in your body. And so a heavier person will generally be less affected by alcohol consumption. In the same way, a person with more body fat will generally be more affected than a person with more lean muscle. This is because fat has a lower water content than muscle. This means that a person with a higher percentage of body fat who weighs the same and drinks at the same rate of consumption as a more muscular person, will most likely have a higher concentration of alcohol in their bloodstream.

Managing Your Rate of Consumption

When a person's BAC is measured at .08 or above, then they are said to suffer a lack of judgment, sensory-motor impairment, and an inability to pay attention. If you plan to drive after drinking alcohol, then it is necessary to manage your rate of consumption, but there is no way to estimate the level of alcohol content in your blood. The best thing to do, if you have been drinking, is not to drive at all. However, if you must drive, then wait one hour for each drink that you've had, and while you wait drink plenty of water, and urinate as much as possible.

If by some stroke of terrible luck you are pulled over for Virginia DUI, then you can choose to refuse a BAC test. Instead, you can ask to speak to a Virginia DUI defense attorney once you've been booked at the police station.

How can a Virginia DUI defense attorney help me?

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