By Brent Jones
Sun Staff

November 20, 2003

Charges of driving under the influence against Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister were dropped Tuesday afternoon in Virginia, McAlister's attorney, Bob Battle, confirmed.

McAlister was arrested and charged with DUI early on Aug. 18 in Fairfax County. Those charges were dropped after Battle filed a motion to dismiss in Fairfax County General Court.

Also dismissed was a charge against McAlister of refusing to submit to a breath test, according to the lawyer.

McAlister declined to talk about the case.

The only thing the player would talk about was the challenge he and the rest of the Ravens' secondary will have Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium against the Seattle Seahawks' receiving corps.

Each of Seattle's three primary receivers is in the top 25 in receiving yards in the NFC. Darrell Jackson is averaging 17.4 yards a catch, the highest of any receiver with more than 500 yards in the conference.

Jackson also ranks 10th in the conference with 660 receiving yards on 38 catches. Former first-round pick Koren Robinsion has 37 receptions for 530 yards, and third receiver Bobby Engram has 33 catches for 408 yards and three touchdowns.

"We just watch film and go out there and play," said McAlister of his unfamiliarity with the group.

"It's going to be even. They haven't seen me and I haven't seen them, so that's going to cancel itself out."

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