Motion to strike prior DUI charges

In DUI defense cases, this motion asks the court to ignore any prior DUI convictions (from the last 10 years) when handing down a sentence.

Pitchess motion

This motion lets you investigate an arresting officer's personnel file to determine if there were any prior complaints regarding the officer's conduct. If the officer has a history of misconduct, this may show that any evidence that he/she gathered deserves to be suppressed.

Your Pretrial Conference

This is an opportunity for your Virginia DUI attorney to resolve your case without a trial, by meeting with your prosecutor. At this meeting, the District Attorney will offer a plea deal that you will consider with your attorney. If you choose not to accept the offer, then your DUI case will go to trial.

Your Virginia DUI Trial

At your Virginia DUI trial, your attorney will argue your case in front of 12 jurors and the judge. In an opening statement, they will state your version of how the incident occurred. They will support this statement with evidence, as well as by questioning witnesses, and doing their best to disprove the prosecution's version of the incident. Once all of the evidence has been presented, the jury will begin deliberation, during which, they will come to their verdict.

Expert Tests and Testimony

During your Virginia DUI trial, evidence will be necessary for building your DUI defense. Your attorney may call on experts to testify about the tests that pertain to your case. These can include the chemical tests used to determine your blood-alcohol level, as well as field sobriety tests. If the results of these tests were miscalculated, or the procedures were improperly followed, this may give the judge enough reason to dismiss your DUI case.

In an instant, your whole future can change. One minute you are out - celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion, or just enjoying a night out with friends - and the next thing you know you are in jail, your car has been towed, and you are suddenly a criminal defendant! Just as shocking as it was to see that jail door slam shut with you inside, a DUI conviction will close doors of opportunity immediately.

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