Will an insurer always know about a Virginia DUI conviction?

Actually, it is possible that your insurer will never find out about your Virginia DUI conviction. According to the Insurance Research Council, a number of convictions go undiscovered because of a lack of correspondence between courts and DMVs. You may also have a DUI conviction erased from your criminal record, before your insurer ever finds out that it occurred.

This can be done by attending driving school, striking a plea bargain, or receiving a limited license suspension. However, don't count on your insurer missing your Virginia DUI conviction. Even if they discover it 3 years after the fact, they will be able to raise your rates as a high-risk driver.

Your Virginia DUI conviction can affect your life insurance premiums as well.

How can a Virginia DUI defense attorney help me?

If you are facing a Virginia DUI conviction, a Virginia DUI defense attorney may help you beat or reduce your charges. A Virginia DUI defense attorney will investigate your case and examine all available evidence to help you build a solid DUI defense.

By investigating and discovering errors such as illegal arrest procedures, or faulty Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) readings, an attorney may be able to have your DUI dismissed altogether
. If you are found guilty, an attorney may be able to negotiate a less severe form of punishment. By striking a plea bargain, opting for driving school, or accepting a lesser charge, you may be able to avoid a costly increase in your insurance rates.

Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Battle has the experience and ability to help his clients use the prosecution's errors to mount a successful DUI defense. To learn more about Virginia DUI, get a free copy of Bob Battle's consumer guide, How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Virginia. Or, contact 804-673-5600 to schedule your legal consultation today.

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