Being pulled over on the suspicion of drunk driving in Virginia can be a scary experience. The important thing is to remain calm and to stay polite.

Why the Officer Thinks You Might be Driving Under the Influence

The police officer will first ask you for your ID and vehicle registration. Give it to the officer quickly, as refusing or delaying may give them cause to search your vehicle's passenger compartment. It will also look bad in your Virginia DUI defense case.

The officer will also examine you for signs of drunkenness.
He or she will look for signs like bloodshot eyes, the smell of alcohol or slurred speech. You will also be asked if you've had anything to drink.

You are not actually required to answer this question, but silence will look suspicious. If you truly haven't been driving under the influence, it's best to say so. At this point, the officer will ask you to leave your vehicle, which you are required to do.

Sobriety Tests and Virginia Drunk Driving Charges

This is where field sobriety tests come into play. What many people do not realize is that field sobriety tests are often inaccurate or misinterpreted. As a result, some Virginia drunk driving charges are likely based on erroneous information.

It's well within your rights to refuse a field sobriety test.
Those who do submit to a test should know that the officer has probably already pegged them as guilty of driving under the influence.

The results of these field sobriety tests can be influenced by many factors unrelated to alcohol consumption. For instance, uneven pavement or high shoes can make it difficult to pass a balance test, even if you're completely sober.

A police officer might have many reasons to suspect you of driving under the influence, ranging from your driving ability to your appearance. Unfortunately, the officer's criteria may be subjective and prone to bias. Knowing these facts, and acting accordingly, may help in your Virginia DUI defense case.

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