There are many lawyers who will claim to be the most experienced, most highly trained, or simply the best. However, they do not always have the credentials to back these claims up. Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Battle has written two books to help educate clients and lawyers on the intricacies of DUI cases. He discusses his two books in this video.

Mr. Battle has come across many lawyers who don’t have the proper expertise or training to represent clients in DUI cases. In the end, they often simply have their clients plead guilty.

Because of this experience, Mr. Battle has written a book called How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Virginia. In it, one of the topics covered is the 20 issues that lawyers miss that cause them to lose winnable cases.

In order to help out other lawyers, Mr. Battle also wrote a book called Virginia DUI Defense: The Law and Practice. In fact, the Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company requested that he author the book. The book covers issues that lawyers should be looking for, as well as practice pointers. This book may be useful to you if you are defense lawyer, prosecutor, judge, or even a police officer and is available at

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