Richmond Virginia area DUI Lawyer Bob Battle introduces his new phone app in this video. After 27 years of practicing law, he finds it surprising how few people know exactly what their rights are when being stopped by the police for suspicion of driving under the influence.

When people ask Mr. Battle about such rights, they often think that if pulled over, they have to participate in certain tests and don’t have to participate in other tests. Because of the potential confusion on what your exact rights are, Mr. Battle has released his own phone app.

The Virginia DUI Lawyer App is available for Droid and iPhone. This app is free and allows users to immediately dial a lawyer, visit and includes a feature called “Know Your Rights.”

Mr. Battle stresses that if you sometimes drive after a drink or two or if you take medication that can affect your driving, it is very important to know your rights.  Proper assertion of your rights may prevent conviction of a DUI offense. Some rights include:
  1. Right to remain silent
  2. Right to refuse to each test—all tests at the scene are voluntary
  3. If not under arrest, you have a right to leave
  4. Right to a lawyer
  5. Right to refuse a consent to search self or car

To learn about these rights and more, make sure to download this free and useful App.
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