Successfully fighting a Virginia DUI charge starts by hiring the right Virginia DUI defense lawyer. To help make sure your potential DUI attorney is a good match for your case, you should interview them during your initial consultation. Below are 3 important questions to ask a potential Virginia DUI defense lawyer before retaining their services.

#1 - How much experience do you have representing Virginia DUI cases?

Obviously, you will want an attorney who has professional experience successfully fighting Virginia DUI charges similar to yours. You'll not only want an attorney who has practiced DUI defense law for several years, but one who has argued Virginia DUI cases in a formal jury trial. You should ask your potential DUI lawyer how many cases they have successfully defended in court featuring circumstances similar to your own.

#2 - Who in your firm will be representing me?

It's important to make sure that your case will be handled by a qualified Virginia DUI defense lawyer and not someone straight out of law school. While at first you may be speaking to the best attorney in the firm, this may not actually be the person who handles your DUI case. If a firm promises a "Team Approach" to your defense, then you may get stuck with someone who has little professional experience.

#3 - What challenges do you see in my Virginia DUI case?

You should ask an attorney what challenges they see in your Virginia DUI case, and how these challenges may affect the outcome. While the outcome of a case is never guaranteed, an attorney should tell you the potential for success, and what they'll do to build your DUI defense.

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Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Battle has the experience and ability to help his clients use the prosecution's errors to mount a successful DUI defense. To learn more about Virginia DUI, get a free copy of Bob Battle's consumer guide, How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Virginia. Or, contact 804-673-5600 to schedule your legal consultation today.

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Derek Dewitt 06/14/2018 09:13 AM
My brother was recently involved in a DUI crash, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about asking if our case will be handled by an experienced lawyer or not. I'll be sure to help him find someone with lots of experience so his chances of winning in court are higher.
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