When you are facing Virginia DUI charges, you need to be prepared. Here are 3 things you'll need to know before your Virginia DUI goes to trial.

1. How to plead at your arraignment

Your arraignment is where you will receive the District Attorney's charges against you. Here, your DUI defense attorney will generally enter a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty." If you choose to enter a "not guilty" plea, then the dates will be set for your pre-trial conference, as well as your Virginia DUI trial.  

2. Filing the necessary motions

Filing a Motion to Suppress is a way for your attorney to shape your case before your trial. By doing this, he or she may be able to have certain evidence against you dismissed. This would include any evidence that your DUI defense attorney can prove was obtained improperly or illegally. There is also a Discovery Motion that should be filed to obtain any evidence that the prosecution will use against you. Additionally, your DUI defense attorney can file a motion to strike any prior DUI convictions, which can minimize the severity of a sentence.

3. What to expect at your pre-trial conference

At your pre-trial conference, the District Attorney will offer you a deal. This will generally be a lesser charge to the one you face by trial. After considering this deal with your attorney, you may either accept it or choose to fight your case in a formal court of law.

In an instant, your whole future can change. One minute you are out - celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion, or just enjoying a night out with friends - and the next thing you know you are in jail, your car has been towed, and you are suddenly a criminal defendant! Just as shocking as it was to see that jail door slam shut with you inside, a DUI conviction will close doors of opportunity immediately.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Virginia, there is no time to waste! Contact Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Battle to schedule your legal consultation today - 804-673-5600.

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