There are common misconceptions about DUI charges that you should keep in mind as you battle your Virginia DUI charge. Listed below are five common misconceptions that you'll need to know as you build your DUI defense.

Misconception #1: Most people charged with DUI are guilty

This misconception is known as The DUI Guilt Myth, and it needs to be invalidated. This false assumption equates your Virginia DUI charge to a guilty conviction. This is not the way the law works. Under U.S. law, any defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Misconception #2: DUI is just a minor offense 

DUI is a serious crime, and should not be taken lightly. This is why you should understand your rights and do what you can to fight your charges in a Virginia court. A DUI conviction can come with penalties, fines, heavily increased auto insurance premiums, and even jail time. Pleading guilty to a case you can win may significantly damage your life and reputation. Don't plead guilty without discussing your case with a Virginia DUI defense attorney first. 

Misconception #3: DUI cases are un-winnable

Many people make the mistake of pleading guilty to their DUI charges. But with a good attorney and a solid argument, you have a chance at winning your case.

Misconception #4: DUI cases are all the same

Every DUI case is different in some way. A good Virginia DUI defense attorney will investigate the facts of your case and treat you as an individual, and not a statistic.

Misconception #5: Any attorney will do

This misconception is the most dangerous of all. A good Virginia DUI defense attorney will have experience defending Virginia DUI cases in court. You will want a seasoned attorney who knows your rights and will agree to represent you themselves.

To learn more about your rights in a DUI charge, visit our library. 

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