There are dozens of arguments that a qualified Virginia DUI defense attorney can use to fight your DUI charge. One of them is to prove that your arresting officer made an invalid traffic stop based on the lack of "reasonable suspicion."

According to a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, it is a violation of a citizen's rights to be stopped without "reasonable suspicion." Therefore, if your vehicle was stopped by an arresting officer who did not have reasonable suspicion, by law, a judge will have to dismiss the Virginia DUI charge.

Some arguments that your Virginia DUI defense attorney can use for an invalid traffic stop include:

  • A lack of proof that you were weaving within the lane
  • Insufficient cause to stop you for changing lanes without using a signal
  • Insufficient information when stopping you based on an anonymous tip from a citizen 

An attorney who is familiar with Virginia DUI laws should know the bases for all of these arguments. With a good lawyer, sufficient evidence, and a valid DUI defense, your charges can be reduced or dismissed altogether.

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