There are several aspects of your Virginia DUI arrest that may have violated your rights. If your rights were violated, a judge may decide to dismiss your Virginia DUI charges altogether. However, you can't get your DUI charges dismissed if you don't raise the argument. This is where a Virginia DUI defense attorney can help.

Arguing Against An Officer's Observations

An officer must have probable cause for making an arrest. This may be a criminal offense, a traffic violation, or just an observation that was made. But who is to say that an officer's observation was a reason for probable cause?

If your Virginia DUI defense attorney can prove that there was no probable cause for making your arrest, then you have a good chance of getting your DUI case dismissed. 

Arguing Against Field Sobriety Tests

Hundreds of lawyers have argued against field sobriety tests. These tests are unfair, inaccurate, they don't always determine sobriety, and they can put you under stress. In stressful situations it is easy to lose your poise or coordination.

If an attorney can successfully argue that the administered tests were inaccurate or unfairly conducted, then the judge may dismiss your charge based on a lack of probable cause.

If you have recently been charged with a Virginia DUI, you probably have a lot of questions about where to go from here. Visit our article library for details on how you can get your Virginia DUI charges dismissed

Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Battle has the experience and ability to help his clients use these errors to mount a successful DUI defense. To learn more about Virginia DUI, get a free copy of Bob Battle's consumer guide, How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Virginia. Or, contact 804-673-5600 to schedule your legal consultation today.

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