Statistics recently released by Colorado’s Denver Post have shown that for some DUI offenders, arrests are not an effective deterrent.

One Colorado resident, Richard Strock, was recently arrested after a DUI crash in which his ex-wife died. He had 18 prior arrests for suspected DUI.

According to court records, Strock’s blood-alcohol content was three times the legal limit of 0.08.

He is not an isolated case.

According to police, a man from Grand Junction, Colorado with prior DUI convictions crashed his vehicle while driving drunk on June 6.

Police say Edward Morris was southbound at a high rate of speed when his vehicle overturned.

The Denver Post conducted a review of 195 homicide-DUI cases in the state since 2005, and discovered that at least 30 percent of the drivers involved had prior arrests for drunken driving.

According to the newspaper, three of the defendants picked up new charges of DUI after being accused of killing people while driving under the influence.

Adams County, Colorado District Attorney Don Quick referred to repeat DUI offenders as “ticking time bombs.”

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