On the afternoon of February 25, police charged a Caroline County bus driver with reckless driving after the bus she was driving crashed into a tree, injuring her and a student on board.

According to Sgt. Tom Cunningham of the Virginia State Police, 44-year-old Vineta Earnestine Keeton was the driver of a bus carrying four children, aged 10 and under, when the bus ran off CCC Road in Caroline and collided with a tree.

Trooper D.E. Scott investigated the crash and charged Keeton with reckless driving.

Keeton and a 10-year-old child both received transport to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Of the four children on the bus, two were Keeton’s. Neither of them suffered injuries in the crash, according to Cunningham.

Cunningham said that Keeton was wearing her seat belt, but the other seats on the bus had no seat belts.

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