If you have recently been charged with a Virginia DUI, there are a number of ways that an expert Virginia DUI defense attorney can potentially argue the charges against you.

Invalid Stop

An officer must have reasonable suspicion to stop you while driving your vehicle. But many arguments for reasonable suspicion are riddled with legal loopholes. If your DUI attorney can prove that that an officer did not have reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle, then evidence may be excluded that could have been used to convict you at trial. This could result in a complete dismissal of your DUI charges.

Invalid Arrest

To make an arrest an officer must first have proof of probable cause. Without such proof, an officer has no right to make an arrest. If your DUI attorney successfully convinces a judge that your arrest was invalid, any evidence the police obtained after your arrest cannot be used against you.

This means that any breath tests, blood tests, or testimonies obtained after your DUI arrest cannot be used to determine probable cause, which may result in a dismissal of your DUI charges.

Blood and breath tests

There are various discrepancies with blood and breath tests that an attorney can argue during your DUI trial. For instance, problems with breathalyzers have often been used to defeat a DUI charge. These machines can break, malfunction, be poorly calibrated, or give an improper reading. The same thing goes for any machine that is used to test blood alcohol content.

With a strong enough argument, and a solid knowledge of Virginia DUI laws, an experienced Virginia DUI defense attorney may be able to reduce or eliminate your DUI charges.

If you have recently been charged with a Virginia DUI, you probably have a lot of questions about where to go from here. Visit our article library for details on how you can get your Virginia DUI charges dismissed

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