Most failed attempts at "beating" a breathalyzer test revolve around myths like mouthwash, breath mints and garlic which do nothing to change the outcome. The use of mouthwash to fool a breathalyzer can actually be counterproductive, as many brands use as much as 27% alcohol in their composition, therefore unintentionally increasing the machine's reading of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

Aside from trying to change the scent of your breath, many claim that your breathing patterns can change the results. While it is true that some breathing techniques such as hyperventilating or using shallow nasal-breathing for short periods can lower your BAC, police officers also know this.

To prevent a suspected drunk driver from using these techniques, police will often yell at suspects to breathe harder, producing a panicked state and usually preventing concentration on breathing techniques.

Other "breathalyzer tricks" include inducing vomiting, belching, and sometimes the use of chemicals such as activated charcoal tablets. All of these techniques may have some impact on the reading of the BAC, but are either difficult to perform under examination of an officer, or are known techniques that police are already keen on preventing.

For information on how your BAC factors into Virginia DUI penalties, visit our library. 

Trying to "beat" a breathalyzer won't help you if you are pulled over for a Virginia DUI, but you should also know that breathalyzer tests are not foolproof. Many circumstances, from equipment malfunction to improper test administration, can skew the results. A reliable DUI defense attorney can help you prove this in court. Contact Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Battle to schedule your legal consultation today at 804-673-5600.

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