A police officer might have their own reasons to think that you're driving under the influence, even if you're actually sober. If you get pulled over at night on suspicion of driving drunk in Virginia, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

You may have been pulled over because of the way you were driving
. Police officers often interpret common driving errors, such as weaving in the lane or forgetting to use turn signals, as signs of driving under the influence. As such, simply being a careful driver can help you to avoid Virginia drunk driving charges.

If an officer pulls you over, chances are they have already subconsciously decided your guilt. After this, you will be examined for signs that support this pre-determination of drunkenness, like smelling of alcohol or slurring your speech. Be polite, but remember that you are not legally required to take sobriety tests or admit to drinking.

Remember, it's very possible for sober individuals to fail sobriety tests. The police will interpret simple missteps or basic forgetfulness as signs of drunkenness. This is why it is important to get a good Virginia DUI defense team on your side in court.

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