Former superstar of World Wrestling Entertainment Andrew Martin, who wrestled under the name "Test," was arrested in Pasco County, Florida on the morning of Sunday, April 6 on charges of driving under the influence. According to Wrestling News, 33-year-old Martin is no longer a professional wrestler, but is still well-known in the community and has spent a great deal of time in California pursuing a career in acting.

According to the Highway Patrol, an off-duty police officer stopped the former grappler after she spotted a "reckless vehicle." Shortly after 10:30 a.m., a Florida Highway Patrol trooper responded to the scene and noticed that Martin's eyes were glassy and bloodshot and he was slurring his speech, the report said.

According to the arresting trooper, Martin did not smell of alcohol, but upon stepping out of the car, was "unsteady and shaking." Martin agreed to do field-sobriety tests, and the trooper said he failed. He was immediately placed under arrest for DUI and driving with a suspended license.

After his refusal to submit to a urine test, Martin was transported to Land O' Lakes Jail. The trooper noted that he constantly fell asleep in his vehicle en route to the jail. On Sunday, Martin was release on $500 bail.
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