Ever been in this scenario? It’s Friday night and you go out to have a few drinks with friends. But soon, a few drinks become many drinks.

After saying goodbye to your friends, you catch a cab ride home and decide you should check your e-mail. When you do, there’s a message from your ex, your boss, or anyone you may not have a good relationship with.

If you’re the type of person who “drunk e-mails” and regrets in the next morning, you might be interested to know that Google’s popular Gmail service is testing a new future that could save you some grief.

“Mail Goggles” can activate late at night or on weekends. The feature requires you to solve a few simple math problems in short order before allowing you to press “send.” If you’re able to think logically, Google is wagering that you are sober enough to realize the potential consequences of sending what you just wrote.

And if you’re unable to remember what two multiplied by five is, you may thank Google the next day.

In order to activate the feature, Gmail users should click “Settings” then “Labs.”

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