Have you recently been hit with a DUI charge in Virginia? You have the same rights as anyone who has been charged with a crime, so don't automatically assume you'll be found guilty. This first thing that you'll want to do is contact an experienced Virginia DUI defense attorney to start working on your case.

What can a Virginia DUI defense attorney do for me?

A good attorney will immediately want to know the specifics of your case. They will review the facts, and tell you the advantages and/or challenges that you will face in a Virginia courtroom.

If you decide to try your case before a jury trial, your Virginia DUI attorney will guide you through the arraignment process, file the necessary motions, and try to build a winning argument for your defense.

How do I choose the right DUI attorney?

A good Virginia DUI defense attorney should have plenty of experience in court. They should have successfully represented defendants in past Virginia DUI cases. When choosing your attorney, you should ask questions such as "How many DUI cases have you taken to trial?" and "What do you see as the challenges in my case?"

You should also ask about the specific charges and fees your attorney will bill you for. Learn more about choosing the right DUI attorney by visiting our library. 

If you have been arrested for DUI in Virginia, there is no time to waste! Contact Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Battle to schedule your legal consultation today - 804-673-5600.

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