A clerk at a Henrico County Virginia Exxon Station tipped off Henrico County Police that a customer appeared to be intoxicated. The clerk observed the man stumble in and out of the store at the Exxon on Staples Mill and Glenside. The clerk noticed that their were 2 children in the car and called 911.
The customer had ordered a car wash at the Exxon and the police were waiting for him as he exited.  It may be the first known DUI  arrest where the  basis  of the stop  was  weaving  within  the  drive  through  car  wash  lane.  The driver was charged with a second DUI within 5 years.
If convicted, Virginia DUI Law requires that a 2nd DUI in 5 years carries a mandatory minimum 20 day jail sentence and DUI with a passenger under 17 in the car carries an additional 5 day jail sentence. To read the account from Richmond channel CBS 6- WTVR, click Henrico Police say Clerk Helped Capture alleged Drunk Driver.

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