In Virginia, there are very strict laws regarding underage drinking and driving. This is called the zero tolerance law, and it states that if a motorist under the age of 21 has alcohol in their system, then any amount of alcohol will constitute a Virginia DUI. This is true even if the motorist has only consumed a single standard drink. In fact, if a driver is under 21, a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .01 will result in a Virginia DUI.

To prevent you teenager from getting a Virginia DUI, you can take steps that include: 

  • Communicating effectively to establish that it is not okay to drink and drive. Inform you teenager about the zero tolerance law, and what consequences they may face.
  • Pick your teenager up from parties. This way, if they have been drinking, you can make sure that they don't drive.
  • Hire a limousine for prom and graduation. There is a chance that your teenager will be drinking at these events, so it is best if they have transportation provided.
  • Be a good role model. Your own actions will generally influence the actions of your children. 

If you or your teenager has been charged with a DUI under Virginia's zero tolerance law, you should get the professional advice of a Virginia DUI defense attorney about how to fight these charges.

You can also learn more about Virginia's zero tolerance law by visiting our article library. 

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