Many Americans consider sobriety checkpoints to be a violation of their rights. But in Virginia, the random interrogation of drivers has been deemed constitutionally legal. Therefore, the best thing to do regarding sobriety checkpoints is to know exactly what to expect.

Knowing where a sobriety checkpoint will be

he best way of avoiding sobriety checkpoints is to know exactly where they will be located and when. By law, sobriety checkpoints must be announced to the public before they are set up. Generally, this information can be found in local newspapers or on the internet.

The numbers are in your favor

Fortunately, at sobriety checkpoints, not all cars are stopped. The police will use a mathematical formula to randomly select the vehicles that are pulled over for questioning. And officers must minimize the average time that each car is detained. This means that unless you show visible signs of DUI, you must be allowed to drive on.

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