Like anything you consume, when you consume alcohol, your body will process it, and then eliminate it. As your body processes alcohol it can have various effects. Depending on how much alcohol you consume, and your rate of alcohol consumption, you may feel euphoric, uninhibited, more social or talkative. If you consume too much, you may suffer from dizziness, disorientation, and a total loss of judgment. However, if you know your tolerance, and manage your consumption, you can avoid the negative effects.

When your body begins to eliminate the alcohol, it will do so in a number of ways. Almost all of the alcohol that you consume will be eliminated by your liver. The rest will be eliminated through your breath, urine, sweat, feces and saliva. By most standards, a middle-aged healthy person will eliminate one drink (.5 oz) of alcohol per hour.

As people age, however, their ability to eliminate alcohol will diminish. This is why an elderly person usually has a much lower tolerance than a young person. When the body does not eliminate alcohol efficiently, it will result in a higher blood alcohol content (BAC). It is therefore important to know your own tolerance before you choose to get behind the wheel of a car.  

If you have been arrested and charged with a Virginia DUI, then you may want to know how your rate of alcohol consumption may have affected your BAC reading. You can learn more about the Rate of Alcohol Consumption and Your BAC by visiting our article library. 

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