Politicians and interest groups are frequently seeking to strengthen the laws or penalties regarding driving under the influence. This can be troubling for people who just enjoy having a good time by responsibly consuming alcohol in moderation or in social situations. So here are a few tips to help you avoid being slapped with a Virginia DUI conviction.

The most effective way to steer clear of DUI charges is not to get pulled over by a police officer.
So if you have been drinking, here are some things to keep in mind.

Know Your Vehicle

Make sure there are no broken taillights or malfunctioning turn signals
that might make you a target for police. If you are driving an unfamiliar vehicle (an intoxicated friend's car, for instance), take some time to familiarize yourself with its operational features before driving.

Know the Way 

Make sure you are familiar with where you are going. If you are unsure of exactly how to get to your destination, ask someone for directions or look up the directions online before you get in the car. Driving aimlessly may attract unwanted attention.

Know Where to Avoid Driving

If police set up sobriety checkpoints in your area, know where they are before you get in the car so you can stay away from them. Sobriety checkpoints are especially prevalent on and around holidays, but are always announced in advance. 

The penalties for DUI in Virginia are too severe to permit courts to ‘look the other way' when police officers make errors. However, there is one certainty at a DUI trial - the DUI defendant cannot prevail on an issue his lawyer fails to recognize and raise!

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