Lindsay Lohan’s off screen drama elevated to new heights on March 14 when she was hospitalized after what police described as a booze-fueled car wreck.

According to Lt. Mitch McCann of the Beverly Hills Police Department, the 20-year-old actress was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

While Lohan may be facing a misdemeanor DUI charge, McCann said that she could face additional felony counts due to officers recovering “usable amount” of “additional contraband” believed to be cocaine. McCann said that she was not carrying the substance but would not say where police found it.

A photographer from the X17 agency had been shadowing Lohan that night and said that she and two unidentified friends were chauffeured by her bodyguard for a nigh of club hopping until about 5 a.m. She then went home to get her car.

Lohan was seen speeding and lost control of her Mercedes SL-65 convertible, hopping the curb and crashing into some trees, according to McCann. He said by the time police arrived, she had fled and the wrecked vehicle had been moved to a nearby condo complex.

Police eventually found Lohan at Century City Doctors Hospital. According to McCann, Lohan was arrested at the hospital, but police did not take her into custody because she required treatment for non-life-threatening injuries to her upper chest area. A friend had transported to the hospital.

Police say Lohan’s two passengers were uninjured, but her vehicle sustained “major collision damage.” It was towed and impounded.

Police will turn the case over to the Los Angeles District Attorney, who will ultimately decide what charges to file, and Lohan will appear at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on August 24.

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