If you've been arrested for a Virginia DUI, you will be taken back to the police station and asked to submit to a blood or breath test. Unfortunately, you don't really have any choice in this matter, since you are legally obliged to comply due to Virginia's implied consent law.

Courts often rely on the blood and breath tests given at stations as proof of a Virginia DUI. However, even these tests can produce erroneous results. For instance, if you have heartburn or dental issues, the breath test machine may misread those as signs of alcohol consumption.

Blood tests are generally more reliable, but the technicians handling them can still make mistakes. Most notably, if the technicians mix the blood samples incorrectly, the blood may actually ferment, creating a false positive.

Because only one blood sample is drawn, the prosecution has no backup in the event of an error. A contaminated or altered sample may be very damaging to the prosecution, but may be very helpful for your DUI defense.

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An experienced Virginia DUI defense lawyer should know all about the potential errors that can crop up in these supposedly reliable tests, and can cast doubt on the results. Don't panic when you see the complicated-looking test machines at the station. Just take the tests, and then call your lawyer at the first opportunity.

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