Police have ordered a rich Norwegian to pay a fine of 700,000 kroner (which is $109,000 in American dollars) for driving under the influence. Police say the 49-year-old man drove about 400 yards in the October incident before being stopped near the airport for southern Norway’s Kristiansand. Tests revealed his blood-alcohol content to be 0.188, which would be more than twice the legal limit in the U.S. However, Norway has a much smaller legal limit at 0.02 percent, meaning the man was at more than nine times the legal limit.

The man pleaded guilty to the charges on May 12.

In Norway, drunken driving fines are set by the courts based upon income and personal wealth. According to the ruling, the man’s income is 751,769 kroner ($117,000) and personal wealth is 228 million kroner ($36.6 million).

The man’s license was also revoked for two years and three months.

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