If you have recently been found guilty of a Virginia DUI, your case may not be lost yet. The U.S. constitution grants all of its citizens the right to a trial by jury. Even if a traffic court judge determined your guilty DUI verdict, you still have the right to appeal your Virginia DUI.

This right to appeal to a higher court is known as the right to trial de novo. This means that after being found guilty of a Virginia DUI in a General District Court, you can have that verdict erased, and face an entirely new trial by jury in a Circuit Court. In such an event, the judge's initial ruling in your DUI case will be completely nullified, and you will be in the exact same position as you were before you went to court.

In the jury trial that follows, as in all United States legal trials, you will be presumed innocent until proven guilty. This means that with a good Virginia DUI attorney at your side, you can still build a winning case.

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