In the past, some people have circumvented ignition interlock systems by getting a person who has not consumed any alcohol to blow into the device for them. But now, ignition interlock systems are finding ways to combat these illegal actions. Many of these devices are becoming more technologically-advanced, to the point where they are even incorporating digital cameras.

Digital Cameras on Ignition Interlock Devices

The most advanced ignition interlock devices now come with digital cameras attached to them. These one cubic inch cameras are mounted on the inside of the windshield. They are designed to photograph the person who is blowing into the ignition interlock device.

The cameras are able to time and date stamp each photo they take
, each of which can be matched to the data-recording software already present in the ignition interlock devices. So if a DUI offender tries to start their vehicle by using someone else to blow into the device, the camera will catch them in the act.

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Consulting a Virginia DUI Lawyer

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Like always we have to catch the technology :) because technology can't lie and proving it wrong is also extremely difficult.
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