If you are planning a party or social event, and alcohol will be served, it is important that you prevent your guests from driving while intoxicated.

To prevent anyone from being injured or killed after drinking at your party, you can:
  • Discourage guests from excessive drinking, and encourage those who are drinking to be driven by designated drivers;
  • Hire a transportation service, such as taxis, a shuttle bus or a limousine, which will drive guests home safely after the party; and
  • Let an intoxicated guest sleep at your home, or have them go home with someone from the party. 

You must also be sure that no minors are being served alcohol at your party as you can be charged for this offense under Virginia law.

Some states have a law known as social host liability, which means the host of a party or event may be held liable for damages if their guest is involved in a DUI accident that injures another person. You can learn more about social host alcohol liability by visiting our article library.

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