Only in Virginia would a total of over 1,000 traffic tickets in only 2 days in 3 stretches of highway be considered a low amount! On Sunday February 10 and Monday February 11, saturation patrolling by Virginia State Troopers on Interstates 295, 85, and 77 resulted in the lowest number of traffic summonses and criminal arrests since the beginning of the operation in the year 2006.

According to the agency, the most recent Operation Air, Land, and Speed of the state police produced 1,033 citations for violations during the two-day traffic safety effort.

There were no fatalities reported on the three interstates the police push targeted.

Col. Steven Flaherty, the Virginia State Police's superintendent, said that in comparison to the last Operation Air, Land, and Speed the police conducted on the three interstates, this one produced lower enforcement totals. He said that they hope this indicates that more drivers now realize the importance of highway safety and are driving in compliance with Virginia traffic laws.

On I-295, state police stopped 200 speeders, and cited 120 for Reckless Driving and 18 motorists for seat belt violations. The vast majority of "Reckless Driving" tickets were for Reckless Driving/Speeding. The 53 miles of I-295 include Henrico , Chesterfield and Prince George counties and the city of Hopewell.

On I-85, 188 speeders and 148 reckless drivers were stopped by state troopers. There were also one drunken driver arrested, 10 seat belt violations issued, and seven felony arrests made.

On I-77, there were 52 speeders, six reckless drivers, and eight seat belt violations cited by state troopers.

In last February's operation, there were 1,810 summonses and arrests on I-295 and I-85. Another initiative on I-77 in June produced 245 summonses and arrests.

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