Virginia, like many other states, is constantly trying to crack down on those individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol. As a result, lawmakers across the nation are employing cutting edge technology in an effort to combat DUI.

Current Ignition Interlock Systems

In the 1970s, ignition interlock systems (IID) were invented to keep DUI offenders from repeating their crime. An ignition interlock system attaches to your vehicle and requires you to blow into a device which measures the amount of alcohol on your breath. If the recorded alcohol content is above a predetermined level, the driver will be unable to start the vehicle.

Future Ignition Interlock Systems

But the ignition interlock systems of the future will likely be even more technologically advanced than they are today. Entrepreneur John Ruocco decided to survey law enforcement agencies about what improvements they wanted to see in these devices. Ruocco then created Interceptor Ignition Interlocks, Inc., a product which addresses those concerns.

Interceptor devices are equipped with new features, such as: 

  • A digital camera which takes a picture of the driver at the time of the test - to prevent the driver from getting another person to blow into the device for them.
  • A notification system which calls 911 anytime a driver "fails" the device's breath test.
  • A GPS locator which sends information over AT&T's wireless network to a court website - allowing a probation officer to monitor a DUI offender's movements in real time.  

Currently, Interceptors are certified in 7 states, though not yet in Virginia. But Ruocco's company is poised to expand which may bring these advances devices to Virginia in the future. 

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