If you are charged with a Virginia DUI, you have the right to let an attorney represent you at your court proceedings. This right is guaranteed to you by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. But what exactly does the Sixth Amendment guarantee?

Right to Counsel

First and foremost, the Sixth Amendment permits you to have an attorney by your side during all phases of prosecution. These include: 

  • arrest
  • interrogation
  • arraignment
  • pre-trial proceedings
  • trial
  • sentencing
  • post-sentencing proceedings 

The law does not discriminate against defendants who cannot afford to hire an attorney. In these cases, the court is required to appoint effective counsel to represent the accused individual at no cost to the defendant.

Other Sixth Amendment Rights

But your rights under the Sixth Amendment extend beyond the allowance of counsel. All people being tried in a U.S. court have the right to: 

  • request a trial by a jury of their peers
  • be present for the entire trial
  • confront their accusers in court
  • question evidence and cross-examine witnesses
  • testify or refuse to testify on their behalf
  • compel prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the crime 

If you have been arrested on a Virginia DUI charge, you should invoke your right to secure legal representation and contact a qualified Virginia DUI lawyer.

Finding a Competent Virginia DUI Attorney

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