Breathalyzer technology has been around since the 1940s, and while they are not perfect, the police have since been using breathalyzers to determine your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) at the scene of a traffic stop, or even disable your vehicle from operation with an Ignition Interlock system.

If you are worried about a potential Virginia DUI arrest, using a home breathalyzer device can help you determine if you should or should not get behind the wheel.  

By keeping a personal breathalyzer you can not only make sure you are legally able to drive, but also give you a better indication of how much alcohol is in your system. You may feel fine, and even register less than a .08%, but your BAC may still cause you to decide not to take the risk. Personal breathalyzers allow you to monitor your BAC and make informed decisions in your choice to drive after consuming alcohol.

Breathalyzers come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the palm-sized units used by police all the way down to small keychain fobs that will make you think twice about putting your key in the ignition after drinking. LG Korea has even developed a phone with a built-in breathalyzer, giving you a visual warning if your BAC is too high.

It's important to remember that breathalyzer technology can be inherently flawed. Just as a breathalyzer reading can read falsely high, a low reading is not necessarily a definitive indication of sobriety.

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