On an otherwise quiet evening in June, Virginia police set up a routine checkpoint on a road in Bedford County. Between 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. that evening, the checkpoint managed to stop a total of 14,906 vehicles. Authorities participating in the checkpoint, which was on Interstate 460 near the county line, included the Bedford Police department, the Lynchburg Police Department, the Campbell County sheriff's office, and the Virginia State Police.

As a result of their efforts, 82 people were issued citations or arrested. Three of those 82 were charged with a Virginia DUI.

In one of the stranger cases that came to be that evening, a deputy heard kicking sounds from the trunk of one of the vehicles. When the trunk was opened, officers found a goat which was bound at the feet and breathing heavily. The driver claimed that the goat was a gift for her visitors from Kenya, and that in the United Kingdom it is perfectly legal to drive with a goat in the trunk of a car.

After determining that the temperature of the trunk was a sweltering 94 degrees, officers charged the driver with cruelty to an animal. The goat was given some water and sent to the Bedford County Pound.

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