Virginia state police are cracking down on drivers who pass stopped emergency vehicles.

The crackdown is taking place after a series of accidents in which troopers were struck and injured by passing vehicles.

According to Virginia State Police spokeswoman Michelle Cotten, there has been a trooper struck by a passing vehicle each month since April.

On July 26, there were two troopers injured in separate accidents while working on a traffic safety initiative.

According to Cotten, the move-over law of Virginia, Virginia Code Section 46.2-921.1 requires that drivers either move into another lane or slow down when they are passing a stopped emergency vehicle. Violation of the law carries with it a fine of $2,500 or a prison sentence of up to 12 months.

In addition to enforcement efforts, state police are speaking with military personnel in Hampton Roads who may be unaware of the law. However, according to a post by Fairfax Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Ben Glass, studies have shown that such laws are on the books in 48 states and 71% of Americans are unaware of its existence.

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