If you think you are addicted to alcohol, you may be searching for assistance with your problem. You may have heard about 12-step programs which are designed to help people with their alcohol addiction.

The 12 Steps to Combat Alcohol Addiction

While every 12-step group is slightly different, they all base their principles around these guidelines:

Step 1. Admit that you are powerless over alcohol and your life has become unmanageable.

Step 2. Accept the belief that a higher power can restore you to sanity.

Step 3. Decide to turn your life over to the care of this higher power.

Step 4. Make a thorough and soul-baring moral inventory of yourself.

Step 5. Admit to the higher power, to yourself, and to someone else the exact nature of your transgressions.

Step 6. Be entirely ready to have the higher power remove all these character defects.

Step 7. Humbly ask the higher power to remove these shortcomings.

Step 8. Compile a list of everyone you have harmed and be willing to make amends to all of them.

Step 9. Directly make amends to these people wherever possible (unless doing so will injure them or others).

Step 10. Continue to take a personal inventory and promptly admit all wrongdoing or transgressions.

Step 11. Seek through meditation and prayer to improve your conscious contact with the higher power, praying only for the knowledge of its will and the power to carry out that will.

Step 12. Having undergone a spiritual awakening, try to carry this message to other people and strive to always practice these principles. 

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