The Virginia Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program, better known as VASAP, is tasked with administering the state's DUI offender programs. But who oversees VASAP?

History of the Commission

VASAP began in Fairfax County, Virginia in 1972. Three years later, the Virginia General Assembly voted to expand the program statewide.

In 1986, Virginia lawmakers established a commission charged with carrying out the initiatives of VASAP. This body supervises all of the local VASAP offices to make sure their activities adhere to the entity's procedures and policies.

The VASAP Commission also evaluates and certifies new and current offender programs in an effort to maintain the standards that are necessary to ensure the success of the statewide program. In addition, the VASAP Commission has also been empowered to allocate agency funds to programs that are suffering from budget deficits.

Makeup of the Commission

The VASAP commission is made up of 15 members. These individuals are judges, law enforcement officials, state legislators, and experts on substance abuse. The commission is divided into legislative representatives, judicial delegates, and at-large members.

The current chairman of the VASAP Commission is Senator Henry L. Marsh III. He is a member of the Virginia Senate and represents District 16, which encompasses portions of 3 cities and parts of 3 counties.

The VASAP Commission is assisted by an advisory board which is made up of 12 other individuals with similar backgrounds. The day-to-day operations of VASAP are carried out by an executive director, Debra D. Gardner, and 6 staff members.

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