The police watch for certain signs when looking for drunk drivers. These include some very basic driving errors, like going too fast or too slow. Unfortunately, you can easily make these kinds of mistakes even while sober, leading to undeserved Virginia drunk driving charges.

These driving errors can be the result of driving in an unfamiliar vehicle or just driving in an unfamiliar area. Although in your mind you are driving responsibility, to an outside party like a police officer, you may appear to be suddenly braking or turning, swerving within your lane, or even something as simple as forgetting to use a turn signal.

If a police officer thinks these driving mistakes are being caused by driving under the influence, they do have the right to pull you over and investigate the situation. If this happens, do not panic. Being polite and cooperating with the officer is vital to your current situation as well as to your possible DUI defense, should you be charged with a Virginia DUI.

If you are ever pulled over on suspicion of driving drunk, be firm but polite, and comply with the officer's requests to see your ID and to step out of the car.
Be very careful about what you say, as a careless or hasty remark could end up hurting your case. Though this may be upsetting, stay calm and find a Virginia DUI lawyer as soon as possible if you are wrongfully charged.

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